#FOAMed of the Week: Modified Sgarbossa Criteria via REBEL EM

Salim Rezaie and the crew at R.E.B.E.L EM have kindly published a nice appraisal of a recent Retrospective study seeking to externally validate the Modified Sgarbossa Criteria. These rules guide interpretation of ECG ischaemia in LBBB.

This article gives a useful run down of the criteria and how to use them, as well as taking us through a critical appraisal - useful for anyone approaching FCEM. 

Check out the blog here: Modified Sgarbossa Criteria: Part Deux

#FOAMed of the Week New Years Resolution: Papers of January via @HEFTEMCAST. Keep your EM current in 2016!

This year I solemnly swear to keep up to date with the latest in EM literature......
— Me, every year......

Thankfully this year the wonderful team from @HEFTEMCAST are here to make that promise a little easier to keep. A new feature gives us a monthly summary of the most recent EM relevant journal articles with a little bit of critical appraisal along the way. 

You can listen to the podcast below, but far better is to subscribe to the podcast (itunes/pocketcasts  etc) and check out the website for a written summary.

Finally theres LOADS more out there in the #FOAMed world to make keeping up to date a breeze. Blogs and podcasts, get 'em on your feed reader or follow on twitter to get the latest EM research brought to your phone or tablet. Easy. 

Here's a recommended list: Life in the fast lane Research & Reviews, EM Literature of Note, Annals of EM Audio Summary, St Emlyn's Journal Club, The Bottom Line, the Skeptics Guide to EM, and EM Nerd.......actually theres loads more but I have to stop somewhere!

Happy 2016!!

#FOAMed of the Week: Pseudoaxioms and Dogmalysis, from SMACC15, Via ICN

Another talk from SMACC Chicago, this time from David Newman covering some favourite subjects.  Reminding us why we should know the evidence behind medical lore (and remain sceptical of wannabe new medical lore). Make sure you listen 'til the end, to include how medical students and junior doctors should handle #FOAMed Dogmalysis........

He and his wife, Ashley Shreaves, produced a number of brilliant podcasts on critical appraisal and EBM on SMART-EM which played a huge part in my passing my FRCEM.  

He also started the EBM website theNNT which produces EBM summaries on a variety of topics and is well worth checking out once you've got your basic stats in your head. 

Finally please listen to the monthly podcast Drs Newman and Shreaves produce for the Annals of Emergency Medicine Audio Summary. It's easy (and entertaining) listening and helps keep you up to date with latest publications. 

The Podcast: