#FOAMed of the Week New Years Resolution: Papers of January via @HEFTEMCAST. Keep your EM current in 2016!

This year I solemnly swear to keep up to date with the latest in EM literature......
— Me, every year......

Thankfully this year the wonderful team from @HEFTEMCAST are here to make that promise a little easier to keep. A new feature gives us a monthly summary of the most recent EM relevant journal articles with a little bit of critical appraisal along the way. 

You can listen to the podcast below, but far better is to subscribe to the podcast (itunes/pocketcasts  etc) and check out the website for a written summary.

Finally theres LOADS more out there in the #FOAMed world to make keeping up to date a breeze. Blogs and podcasts, get 'em on your feed reader or follow on twitter to get the latest EM research brought to your phone or tablet. Easy. 

Here's a recommended list: Life in the fast lane Research & Reviews, EM Literature of Note, Annals of EM Audio Summary, St Emlyn's Journal Club, The Bottom Line, the Skeptics Guide to EM, and EM Nerd.......actually theres loads more but I have to stop somewhere!

Happy 2016!!