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Medic One and the Medic One Charitable Trust

The Medic One flying squad was launched in 1980. From its inception, the primary function of the Medic One team is to provide a team of emergency medical and nursing specialists to deliver advanced pre-hospital care in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Borders region. The team can be requested by any of the emergency services or dispatched directly by the Scottish Ambulance Service. The composition of the team is usually an Emergency Department Consultant and middle grade Doctor as well as one or two experienced Emergency Department nurses. 

Medic One’s primary role is to care for major trauma patients who need advanced medical care on the roadside. Sometimes severely injured or unwell patients cannot wait to be transported to hospital and, in these cases, Medic One brings the Emergency Department to them. Medic One also performs a vital function as the designated Major Incident Response for south east Scotland.

The medical equipment and drugs carried by Medic One are similar to those used in the Emergency Department, allowing the team to undertake advanced medical care, like emergency anaesthesia or emergency surgery, at the scene. Equipment both for adults and children is carried and is constantly updated inline with the latest medical research and innovation.

The intervention of Medic One in south east Scotland has not only saved many lives, but also helped trauma patients survive with a meaningful quality of life. 


Medic 1 Education and Research

Medic 1 has been involved over the years with determining and implementing the most effective treatments for critically ill patients with cardiac arrest, airway difficulties and multiple trauma. This research has led to numerous presentations and publications.


Medic 1 Charitable Trust

This registered charity (SCO22668)) was set up in 1998. The fund provides financial support to local Emergency Department staff who want to undertake research, audit or professional development related to the promotion of education and clinical excellence. Prospective applicants should forward details to Dr Angela Oglesby, Chairperson of the Medic 1 Trust. Applications will be considered by members of the Trust. Successful candidates are expected to produce a summary of their experience for publication on this website. Candidates will also be required to do a short presentation to their colleagues at a Departmental Educational meeting.

In 2012, the Trust initiated the award of the Robin Mitchell Memorial Fellowship. This is a biannual bursary awarded to a leading Emergency Medicine Trainee working in Scotland to further their academic studies. This Fellowship is to commemorate our sadly missed Consultant Colleague, Dr Robin Mitchell, who passed away in 2010. The first bursary was awarded to Dr Rebecca Cranfield who spent 2 months at the Shock Trauma Unit in Baltimore, USA. In 2014 Dr Zoe Smeed & Dr Stephanie Mackie were the recipients of the award and you can read about there experiences here. The next fellowship will be advertised on this website.



Due to increasing applications for funding we are committed to raising funds for Medic 1. Further suggestions for fund raising/organisers are welcome – please forward to Dr Oglesby.



If you wish to make a donation to the Medic 1 Charitable Trust you can do so easily and securely via the  link on the right. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

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