#FOAMed of the Week: Dizziness Made Easy via @PeterJohns84 and @RCEMFOAMed

OK.......actually this is more than one FOAMed article.......but its going to get your understanding of vertiginous dizziness off to the right start. From here you can start to think about the HINTS exam with more confidence, helping us differentiate central from peripheral causes of vertigo. 

First up watch these 2 excellent videos from Peter Johns, an Emergency Physician in Ottowa. Differentiating between Acute Vestibular Syndrome and BPPV is the biggest contribution we can make to the patient's care. This can be done just on the history.

Then a brilliant video from Michael Kim a UK EM trainee showing a Neuro SpR performing a Hallpike, Epley and your new best friend: THE SEMONT MANOEUVRE. The video won't embed here so go to RCEMFOAMed.co.uk to see it and the explanatory notes.