Hana's Medic One Story


On Saturday 28th March 2015 at around 15.15, on my way back from a ride with my pony Dan and my Dad, I went to jump a bale of straw. Dan took off for the jump but was too close to make it to the other side; his front legs clipped the front of the jump knocking me off and then his body landed on me. Seeing the fall my dad rushed over as the pony galloped away, he could see my leg was lying awkwardly and there was a bulge on my thigh. He immediately phoned the ambulance  which came within 5 minutes.  The ambulance staff put a neck brace on and prepared a leg brace and also gave me gas and air.  They cut off my wellies which was a pity as I had just got them for Christmas but they need to be careful with my leg and pelvis.  They also cut through all my clothes. They tried to give me a drug so I could be moved into the ambulance but could not find a vein. It was a really cold day and the wind was strong and as I was lying on the damp ground finding a vein was difficult. 

This was when they called Medic One.   I felt a huge sense of relief when Medic One came.  Everything seemed to speed up. The consultant told me her name was Sara and that she and her team were going to get me safely to hospital. They put a pelvic brace on and they also gave me an injection which meant that I could finally be moved into the ambulance.  I don’t remember that part.  I do remember seeing the roof of the ambulance and hearing the sirens as we made the 30 min journey from our farm to the A & E department.  As we approached the hospital I was more aware of where I was.   

We were told that night that I would have an operation in the morning to insert a metal pin in my leg to help it heal.  I also had cracked my pelvis in 4 places but it would heal itself.

It’s 10 weeks since the injury and after physio I have been able to ride Dan again. I am progressing towards running and I hope to be back to hockey next season. 

Huge thanks to Medic One who started me on the road to a speedy recovery.

Hana Elder

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We would like to thank Hana & her family for their very generous donation which will be put towards further improving the service we provide for our patients.

Dr Dave McKean