An Ode to 2014

It's been another busy year. There have been tears, laughter and tears of laughter. Our very talented CNM Chris Connolly has summed it all up for us. Here's to 2015!

An ode to 2014

At this time of year, we reflect and prepare,

On how far we've travelled, what’s next to compare.

In miles or in metres this distance ain't far,

In patient’s opinion, we're touching the stars.


This year’s been no different, with change and review.

Improvements suggested and process all new.

New faces we welcome, trying pastures afresh,

Some names so familiar, the ED nest they have left.


So what are the highlights of twenty fourteen.

Achievements so many, in a team that’s so keen.

So let’s take a moment, review days 365,

celebrate the challenge, on which we all thrive.


A team thinking of others, in everything they do.

Medic 1 became a focus, funding lights of blue.

Runners, cyclists and hill climbers, with targets set,

with ease, skill and passion those records were met.


The One Patient Pathway, the Kaizen gave birth.

A process so simple, who can value its worth.

Colleagues around EDs, they all listened up,

The Royal’s percentage is now heading up.


Performance was up, but the team it went south.

London was calling, awards were about. 

The Health Service Journal acknowledged our team,

Our service design, held in national esteem.


For one special lady, the Palace did call.

By special command for giving her all.

Posh frock and big hat, standing proud like a gem

Our Mrs MacDonald, with her own B.E.M.


Team 3RU also went London way,

Team of the Year, said the old BMJ!

Leaders as always in service provision,

Recognition for our outstanding vision.


There was Quality week, management came for a peak.

Of all the good work they continue to speak.

With safety in mind, we got out of a muddle,

helped on the way by the twice daily Huddle


After years of hiding, well in remission,

a team they unearthed a spectacular mission.

With guts and with gusto, they answered the call

Restoring to glory the Medic 1 Ball!


So as this year ends and comes to a close,

Reflect on our gains, forget all the woes.

In Twenty Fifteen, what will we uncover?

One thing’s for sure it will be with each other.