Thank you and Merry Christmas

Another year evaporates for us in the EDs of Lothian, but what a year 2014 has been.

Re-configuring the department at RIE to enable the new resuscitation suite (due for completion in March), fantastic additions of consultants and nursing staff for both sites, all the work of the Kaizen Chiefs, winning the BMJ Awards Team of the Year, Resus Fridays, innovations in education, introducing the One Patient Pathway, developing the Quality Improvement monthly themes, seeing real patient benefits in experience and outcomes, and leading on process change at both SJH and RIE sites.  Our collective ethos and commitment to improving services for patients is now the standard for other departments in our hospitals, and something you should all be rightly be proud of.  All this whilst dealing, mightily professionally, with our intense and demanding shop-floor environment, and with good humour, compassion, and care for each other and patients alike.  

You do an astounding job, and I remain genuinely humbled by our fantastic team.

2015 has much to look forward to also: our new resus areas and return to the "next" ambulance entrance before the permanent one when RHSC is built in 2017, new Medic 1 technology and bags, the prospect of an increase in our Fellows, and on-going development of the Trauma service towards Major Trauma Centre status in 2016-17.  As always, we will embrace change and adapt to new challenges, and will make stuff work because that is just what we do.

So, as we move into the festive period, and we occasionally get irked by the exodus of other healthcare workers from the system, I wanted to say a huge heartfelt thanks for doing what you do day-in and day-out.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.  

I hope you all get a chance to spend some time with loved ones over the festive fortnight, and recharge the batteries a little.  

Best wishes and thanks again,


Roll on the #EDvolution.