#FOAMed of the Week: #weneedtotalkaboutLACTATE via stemlyns

Another publication from the illustrious EMERGE landed on my doormat on Friday, this time exploring the utility of lactate in the Emergency Department. Yet my understanding of lactate was turned on its head at SMACC Chicago, and it's head has never been the same since.....

Lactate NOT an acid?  Lactate NOT just caused by tissue hypoxia?

There's no doubt lactate is invaluable in assessing critically ill patients, but if we are to use it more, shouldn't we understand it better?

Another chance for #FOAMed to shine, as St Emlyns step up (again) in the hour of need. Richard Carden (EM Trainee) writes an excellent blog covering dead parrots, whoop whoops, AND some physiology my brain can actually digest. 

Check out the blog here: Lactate = LactHATE

Don't forget to look at the links at the bottom of the article and also look out for the SMACC Chicago talks on the same in the future. 

Viva la #FOAMed