Co-amoxi-fruse-nitrate? With slow IV fluids? Add a Lung Ultrasound string to your diagnostic bow....

Patients presenting with undifferentiated shortness of breath is a common diagnostic conundrum in the ED. Increasingly patients have multiple chronic respiratory conditions to further muddy the murky waters. 

Lung Ultrasound isn't a magic bullet but it is another string to our diagnostic bow. Here's some great #FOAMed resources to get yourself LearnED in Lung Ultrasound. 

First the Skeptic's Guide to Emergency Medicine ( reviews a very recent paper on whether doctors can use B-lines to diagnose pulmonary oedema in the ED after a thirty minute training session.

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Next, from heres some excellemt tutorials to get your skills up to speed. 

Finally have an Ultrasound leadership academy blog series which has a great lung ultrasound introduction:


Enjoy! Viva la FOAMed!