Wellen's Who? De Winter What? #FOAMed of the Week from Amal Mattu

Wellens Syndrome is a frequent topic for ad-hoc teaching in our ED handovers. The following resources put some flesh on the bones of what Wellen's syndrome is and what it means. I have also included a video lesson on the less-talked-about  but possibly more important De Winter T Waves. 

The author, Dr Amal Mattu, is a Professor of Emergency Medicine in the University of Maryland school of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. For several years he has produced weekly ECG video lessons on his tumblr blog, but recently transferred his work across to ecgweekly.com which provides weekly lessons as a subscription service. He also has provided teaching on the brilliant subscription podcast EM RAP. 

The good news is that many of his older video lessons are still available on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/umemergencymed/videos

Onto the videos!

Viva La #FOAMed

Wellens Syndome and Mimics

De Winter T Waves

BONUS: Wellens Mimic Pattern