#FOAMed of the Week: Sepsis SMACCdown via EMcrit

SMACC Chicago, brought to your armchair in dark n stormy Edinburgh. Viva la #FOAMed

An all-star panel discuss the burning issues in sepsis right now. Hosted by Chris Nickson and I, the conversation on the controversial aspects of sepsis was lubricated with on-stage alcohol (my idea!)

Mervyn Singer (research guru, sepsis expert and self-proclaimed Sex-God) and Paul Marik (iconoclast and dogma-basher) reveal just how hard it is to describe what sepsis is. Flavia Machado (intensivist and researcher) brings common sense and the perspective from South America, representing middle-income countries. Kath Maitland (author of FEAST, African-based paediatrician and clinical trialist) talks about sepsis management issues in Africa, where sepsis strikes its biggest global impact. Heavyweight researcher and clinician John Myburgh, argues that the word “sepsis” should be removed from our language and turns the paradigm on its head, arguing for a more pragmatic approach to sepsis management. Simon Finfer (crit care clinician, clinical trialist, voice of reason) describes the history, the good, the bad and the ugly about the Surviving Sepsis Guidelines, and some of the controversy surrounding them.

There’s a fascinating, very high level discussion on antibiotics which is not as clear cut as you might imagine. You couldn’t discuss fluids without talking about fluids and this panel features several world experts on this topic. Kath Maitland’s insights from FEAST, combined with the opinions of the rest of the panel will hopefully leave you an informed agnostic.
— http://emcrit.org/podcasts/sepsis-smaccdown/