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My time in the ED.

I moved to Edinburgh with my husband in August 2012 following a year working in sunny Australia. Having never lived north of the M4 corridor I was a little apprehensive about a move to Scotland.

I had visited Edinburgh once before for the weekend and was not sure what to expect apart from the rumors of freezing cold winds, battered mars bars and impossible accents. It is, in fact, an outstandingly beautiful city full of culture, boutique shops, world-class museums and fine dining. There is something for everyone – from excellent city centre shopping and coffee culture to beautiful beaches and mountains within a 20 minute drive. There are also easy transport links to the rest of the UK and Europe. 

I have always enjoyed emergency medicine and felt a year in A and E could only contribute to my experience and CV. The department at the Royal Infirmary is indeed very busy but also excellently run and staffed by some of the most dedicated nurses and inspiring senior doctors I have come across. With a team- based rota, it was easy to make workplace companions with whom I shared multiple “post nights” breakfasts and team social events. 

As far as senior support goes I have not come across a more relaxed and approachable group of registrars. Consultants have a very heavy presence on the “shop floor” and again are enthusiastic, hands on and eager to ensure help and guidance is within easy reach. There is a detailed team handover at every shift change with consultant presence making it a very safe department. During my time in the Royal A and E I saw some amazing things including a witnessed arrest in resus following a stabbing resulting in a thoracotomy and eventual excellent outcome. 

I was able to gain experience in placing chest drains, arterial lines, joint manipulation and suturing to name just a few. I have to admit there were some bad days resulting in a few tears and on occasions commencing a Saturday night shift was comparable to entering a conflict zone.  However, I wholeheartedly would recommend this job and training in Edinburgh – Nowhere else have I felt so welcomed into a department and been given the opportunity to further develop my skills in such a dynamic and supportive environment.

Dr Sophie Henry, LAT CT1 EM trainee, August 2012-2013. 

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