Student Reflections

It's the end of the student academic year and at the uni we are all very busy getting ready for finals. This means it's a good chance for us to reflect on our year 5 EM module. Yet again we are really proud that we came out the top rated placement in 5th year with 91% giving us a 'trip advisor' rating of recommending us to a friend, which means a huge thanks to all the staff in the ED that taught the students, but equally as importantly made them feel welcome and part of the family.

We can easily forget how overwhelming the ED can feel when you are unfamiliar with it, so for both nursing and medical students it is vital that they feel that they are an essential core part of the team. It is real credit to you that we get comments back from students like;

'I loved my shifts and was made to feel part of the team and actually felt quite involved and useful! Not something a medical student feels very often! '


'I felt like a valued member of the team rather than the usual fly on the wall and gained a lot of experience.' 



But this is also an opportunity to thank the 5th year medical students this year who have been such an awesome, inspiring, motivated group who have provided us with a very valuable service here in the ED. Hopefully, a good few of them will have gone away from their attachment thinking this is the career for me! It's also good for us to remember that as clinicians medical students keep us challenged, current and up to date. Dean and I were lucky enough to have our teaching observed last night by Debbie Aitken who directs the clinical educator programme. It was great to get some really useful feedback and tips. But also for us to learn from and together with the students.....believe me they had more idea as to why a D-dimer would be raised in aortic dissection than me! See link below for the clinical educator programme, it comes highly recommended, and is about what we believe in and try to deliver....excellent clinical teaching in a real environment


Please keep up the awesome teaching----it is a real credit to us