Resus Friday - Pull The Other One

Edinburgh’s Medic One Simulation Team continues on a high. Since Shirin’s initial NIV teaching session, Gareth Clegg has taught on the use of the Autopulse CPR device and Craig Walker led today’s session on the indications, uses and practical application of Hare Traction splints for femoral fractures. Sim Team members Jan Gilchrist and Ian Lee supported the session, providing useful insights into the real-world uses, tips and tricks and fielding questions.

The session was attended by 25 staff members, including Deputy Charge Nurses, Staff Nurses, CSWs, Registrars, junior doctors and medical students. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with the length “just right” scoring 4.7/5 overall for content. One suggestion was that we incorporate the use of traction splints in a future Major Trauma scenario. Fear not, that’s exactly the plan! Many of the Resus Friday sessions will make appearances during future video-simulation days.  Topics will also be repeated to enable as many staff members as possible to participate.

Thanks again to everyone attending and supporting the session.

Craig Walker