Why Choose Emergency Medicine

Choose Life.  Choose a job. Choose a career. 
Choose getting up in the morning, going to work and saving lives every day.
Choose matching scrubs.
Choose defibrillators, electricity and drugs.
Choose heart attacks, major trauma, fractured ankles and septic children.  

Choose working in a team.
Choose camaraderie, adventure and never knowing what will happen next. Choose working on the frontline.
Choose teaching the next generation.
Choose chest drains, intubation, joint relocation and central lines. 

Choose variety.
Choose treating all problems in all patients at all hours.
Choose excitement. 
Choose surviving on coffee and adrenaline.  
Choose using the skills you've learnt working in a disaster zone.
Choose facing the next challenge.
Choose stimulating colleagues and fascinating patients. 

Choose staying calm in a crisis and having the best stories to tell at dinner parties.  
Choose going home at the end of the day knowing that you have made a real difference.  

Choose Emergency Medicine.  

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Emergency Medicine - Run-through training posts in Emergency Medicine
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Paediatric Emergency Medicine - 6 Month LAS at Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh
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