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TILS - Trauma Immediate Life Support 
Gillian Haig


After completing staff PDPs in the Emergency Department it became apparent to me that the members of the nursing team had no structured education and training in Trauma.

I read an article about the TILS course in Emergency Nurse. The aspects of the TILS course is to deliver an educational programme for nurses and other AHPs involved in major trauma management in Emergency Departments (ED). The authors of the article state that the NHS Clinical Advisory Group on Trauma (2010) reported “that because ED staff encounters major trauma cases infrequently, they do not always retain knowledge of, and skills in, trauma management”.

To overcome this difficulty, the authors decided to devise an in-house, one day trauma programme. The TILS programme is a practical, quick and cost effective programme that aims to educate and motivate nurses and AHPs. The programme is designed to provide fundamental skills and knowledge to function effectively as part of a wider trauma team, and to appreciate each other’s roles and functions in trauma situations.

Medic 1 kindly paid for the Bruce Armstrong (course facilitator in Southampton) to come to Edinburgh to “Train the Trainers” in October 2014. A mixture of 8, Band 6 and Band 5 nurses attended the day.

The TILS day consists of lectures, workshops and short films.

Course Structure

Phase 1: Trauma Epidemiology
Phase 2: Crew Resource Management (CRM) & Human Factors
Phase 3: Damage Control Resuscitation - <C> ABCDE
Phase 4: Clinical Workshops

  • <C> Chest Drains
  • Head injury & RSI
  • C-Spine MILS, Log Roll & use of Scoop Stretcher
  • Pelvic & Long Bone Injuries

The first TILS course will be in September 2014. If you would like any other information or would like to join us on the inaugural day contact:

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