Medic One Funded Projects


Masters in Sports Medicine
Dr Toria Reid


Last year, I was fortunate to receive funding from the Medic one charity to contribute towards undertaking a masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine. This is based at Bath University, which is internationally renowned in the field.  It is largely a distance-learning course involving group discussions, critical reflection and literature review. In addition to this, a significant amount and variety of hands on experience is required.

I have lots of reasons for wanting to do this Masters, which will help me develop both professionally and personally.  Exercise and health have always been really important to me, and sport plays an integral part in my life. I would love the opportunity to combine this passion with work.  We see lots of patients presenting to the ED with sports related injuries and I relish the prospect of improving the care I provide.

Importantly, undertaking this masters will provide many transferable skills for my work in the ED. Firstly, it will broaden my understanding and management of injuries from pre-hospital care through to rehabilitation. Moreover, it will develop my knowledge and understanding of physiology in the stressed athlete, analogous to that of the acutely unwell patient. Furthermore, it will improve my skills in critical thinking, problem solving, research and report writing.  These will have long lasting benefits for myself, the emergency department and for my patients.

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