Dr Martin McKechnie



Consultant in Emergency Medicine, NHS Lothian.

Professional Lead for SJH.

Martin McKechnie is one of the very few people actually from St Andrews, most of the town being populated by retired golf enthusiasts, failed Oxbridge applicants and American transients. He graduated from a university in 1975 and has been practicing a version of Emergency Medicine ever since.

He is something of an iconic figure in West Lothian, with his flowing Herculean locks and charismatic leadership of St Johns Hospital, making it the exciting and progressive sister department to the Royal Infirmary that it is today.

Martin is an engaging public speaker and has the ability to hold an audiences attention despite often talking about cripplingly tedious things, a skill that has lead to his role as deputy leader of CEM Scotland. He is also able to negotiate his way out of an awkward situation in more than one language, which has stood him in good stead during his multi-national golfing excursions and has no doubt enabled him to evade incarceration and unreasonable Roman bar bills.

Out with his role of the St Johns lynch pin he was until recently often seen as a lycra clad blur, hurlting through Edinburgh at break-neck speed on his bike. But after being recently collared due to excessive speed during a commute, his hitherto understanding wife and children have put their feet down. Surely a 2-seater sports car is only weeks away.

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