Dr Marie-Clare Harris

 MBChB  BSc(Hons)  FCEM 



Consultant in Emergency Medicine, NHS Lothian.

Clinical lead for Patient Safety at RIE.


Marie-Clare is from Glasgow and was hired as an SPR in 2006 as part of a government initiative to employ people in Lothian from socioeconomically and ethnically more diverse regions that the previous trawl of public schools and Oxbridge feeder colleges. 

She graduated from Glasgow University in 2001 and also has an honours degree in biochemistry that was probably a mistake.

Despite initial reluctance to engage in any of the Edinburgh nonsense, she found herself taking on a consultant post in 2010, to her and everyone else’s surprise. 

She enjoys travel to arcane and occasionally dangerous locations, cooking and convincing people that vegetarian food does not suck, and learning Italian, which she has no aptitude for whatsoever.

Despite constant protestations that she is a hardened West coaster, she now lives in the grange and grows organic vegetables and is fooling nobody.

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