Mrs Liz MacDonald



Emergency Department PA, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.


She has worked in the ED for ……..years under the title of department PA. However, this goes no way towards describing the roles she actually fills. Liz has been mother, aunt and friend to the hundreds of doctors who have come through the ED over the years.  Sorting out payroll disputes, finding them places to live, somewhere to safely keep their handbags, making sure they have no undeclared criminal convictions, ensuring that the academic consultants know when and where they are supposed to be working, sussing out potential personality issues in prospective new recruits, providing a portal of communication for ED alumni around the globe, listening to worries and woes, doling out hugs, wise words and tissues, all the while keeping her ear to the ground and making sure there are always tea bags and scones. There is no task too tiresome and Liz will offer a smile and a solution whether you ask her to help you book an overseas ‘educational’ trip, find some staples or fix your filing cabinet as the drawer won’t open since you kicked it. She will even offer sympathy and a sweetie for the toe injury sustained.

There is nothing that has ever happened in the RIE that Liz does not know about, and her knowledge of the organizations staff is encyclopaedic. She knows everyones’ history, and all the murky stories that have ever circulated and I assume that her retirement plan is to write a tell all column for the Metro entitled ‘secrets of an NHS PA’. How she manages to achieve what she does and still find time to maintain her very deep devotion of Jon Bon Jovi is truly remarkable.

Liz is nothing short of phenomenal and none of us would be able to function without her. Liz, I will ghost write your column for you if you promise never to leave.

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