Dr Jen Browning




Consultant in Emergency Medicine & Paediatric Emergency Medicine, NHS Lothian.

Jen, a Glaswegian at heart, crossed the east-west divide in 1992 to study Medicine at Edinburgh University. Having graduated from here she pursued a career in Orthopaedics before seeing the light and converting to Emergency Medicine. She joined the South-East Scotland Emergency Medicine team in 2004 and developed her interest in Paediatric Emergency Medicine.

Jen commenced her post as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in March 2010. She also does sessions at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Jen is keen to “Bridge the Gap” in Adolescent Emergency Medicine especially with the reprovision of the RHSC. 

Jen spends the rest of her time running around after her 3 boys.

Edinburgh Emergency Medicine.png