Dr Jasmine Ng




Consultant in Emergency Medicine, NHS Lothian.

Lead for Patient Safety at SJH.

Jasmine graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2004. She then worked in a variety of hospitals throughout the UK including Glasgow, Basildon and Airedale, before she came back to South East Scotland in 2008, where she started her ACCS Emergency Medicine training. 

She gained her CCT in August 2012, having also spent 6 months working as an Emergency Physician in Hong Kong. Since then she has worked as an Emergency Medicine consultant in Wishaw and in Fife. She will start her post as consultant Emergency Medicine in St John’s Hospital Livingston in March 2014.

In her free time, you will either find Jasmine learning to cycle in a park away from the main road, or eating out with her friends in town. 

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