ED Intubation Registry


The Emergency Department Intubation Registry (EDIR) is a collaboration between the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Emergency Department and Critical Care Directorate to collect data on all patients that undergo intubation within the Emergency Department. Running since 1999 the EDIR is one of the largest registries of its type in the world. There is currently data from 4,000 patients on this database.

The registry is an important part of the Continuous Quality Improvement programme within the Emergency Department. It facilitates analysis of near-misses and critical incidents and enables improvements to be made to our protocols.

The data collected through this initiative has allowed us to analyse and publish changing trends and practices during Emergency Intubations; from the use of different induction drugs and paralytic agents, first attempt success rate, laryngoscopic views, complications as well the impact of MMC and ACCS on performance. 

Below please find links to a small selection of the publications related to this project;


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