Dr Craig Walker




Consultant in Emergency Medicine, NHS Lothian.

Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, NHS Lothian.

Lead for ED Simulation Training, RIE.

Craig grew up in various parts of Scotland before graduating from Edinburgh University in 2003. After spending his medical elective in Emergency Medicine in Queensland, Australia, further EM posts confirmed that dealing with the big, acute, traumatic, scary stuff was where his interests lay and he joined the South East Scotland Emergency Medicine Training Programme..

He developed an additional passion for Intensive Care Medicine during that time, completed dual training and was appointed as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Edinburgh.. 

He is the Co-Lead for EM Simulation Training in Edinburgh and an Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) instructor. 

He has presented at numerous National and International Conferences and Meetings and maintains an active research interest. He was awarded the Scottish Intensive Care Society (SICS) Research Prize in 2012-2013 for work on lactate clearance in sepsis.

His claims of being a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie are marred by the fact that tumbling out a plane solo at 18 scared the hell out of him. The pink parachute that unfurled majestically above his head leant additional comedic value to the event.

He does however love snowboarding whenever possible, racing any and all kinds of vehicle, rock-climbing and most other activities involving too much speed and quick reflexes.

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